Press and Sinter Equipment

Molding Presses

750 Ton Alpha Press (Hydraulic)
500 Ton Alpha Press (Hydraulic)
250 Ton Alpha Press (Hydraulic) (3)
125 Ton Alpha Press (Hydraulic) (2)
60 Ton Alpha Press (Hydraulic) (3)
60 Ton Gasbarre (Hydraulic)
20 Ton Stokes 526 Press (Mech.)
20 Ton Stokes R-4 Press (Mech.)
12 Ton Stokes G Press (Mechanical)
4 Ton Stokes F Press (Mechanical)

Sintering Furnaces

18″ Area Electric Furnaces (2)
12″ Area Electric Furnaces (2)
1500 CFH Endo Atmosphere Generator
2000 CFH Endo Atmosphere Generator (2)

Finishing Equipment

Vibratory Finishers

7 ft³ Sweco Vibro-Energy Finish Mill
2 ft³ VI-Brander Orbital Finisher
12 ft³ Roto Finish Vibratory Finisher

Coining and Sizing Presses

500 Ton Clearing Press
100 Ton Johnson Press
60 Ton Federal Press

Vacuum Oil Impregnation System

Homo Steam Treater

Machining Equipment

CNC Milling

Brother Speedio R450 X1
Mazak VTC 16B 44″x15
Mazak VQC 20/40B 41″x19″
Enshu S400 CNC Mill
Enshu S300 CNC Mill

Grinding Machines

Cincinnati Centerless Grinder
Norton 6″ x 18″ Cylindrical Grinder
Landis Centerless Grinder
Besly Horizontal Spindle Disc Grinder 20″
Besly 218 Double Disc Grinder
Gardner Double Disc Rotary Grinder 30″
Blanchard Surface Grinder 30″
Colematic Surface Grinder 36″x14″

CNC Lathe

Wasino CNC Lathe
Clausing Colchester Lathe 15″x47″
Mazak QT 10 8″ Chuck with bar feed capability
Mazak QT 20 8″ Chuck
Doosan Turning Center

Low Volume Drilling/Tapping

Drill Press (High Speed Tapping Head)
Walker Turner 2 Head 15″ Table Drill Press
Cincinnati Brickford 12 Floor Drill Press
Causing 18″ Drill Press with Tapping Attachments
Kingsbury 2 Spindle Horizontal Drilling Machine
Atlas 15″ Drill Press