General Manager
Mike Lange
Management Team and Staff
Mike Harvey  
Office Manager
Tena Bloom
In 1976 Mike entered the metal component manufacturing business as an engineering
assistant.  Working his way through many different areas of manufacturing like
engineering, quality, production supervision and upper management, he has learned
the value of a team oriented business philosophy.  Mike came to lead the Coldwater
Sintered Metal Products team in 2004 with this philosophy,
"In ALL things we do,
give our current and future customers what they need, when they want it!"
His commitment is to delight each one of our customers whether we are producing 1
or 100 different part numbers for them.  His goal is to build a long term partnership with
each customer demonstrating Coldwater Sintered Metal Products to be a dependable
supplier of high quality powdered metal parts and custom machining.
From an entry point as material handler in a Powdered Metal plant in 1972, Mike has
grown up in the industry.  He worked his way up through the ranks and achieved
Powdered Metal Technologist  level I certification in 1996. The powdered metal parts
company he started with then promoted him to the position of manufacturing manager,
where he served for the next 4 years.  In 2000 Coldwater Sintered Metal Products was
able to bring Mike on as Operations Manager and he has done an excellent job of putting
systems in place that allow us to maintain very good on time delivery and quality records.
Mike is a key to our success.
Tena joined the Coldwater Sintered Metal Products staff in 1998, coming from a local
bank, with a background in Accounts Payable.  Her Associates degree in accounting
and computer along with her pleasant, positive attitude have made her a valuable part
of the Coldwater Sintered Metal Products team.  Tena handles purchase order entry,
shipping schedules, all export shipping documents and many other customer service
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Types of parts we produce: Powdered Metal parts, Machined Parts, Gears (Bevel Gears, Planetary Gears, Helical Gears, Oil Pump Gears, Sector Gears, Spur
Gears, etc.), Gear Forms, Sprockets, Bearings, Bearing End Caps, Bearing Shields, Bushings, Rollers, Cams, Cam Followers, Racks, Pinions, Spacers, G-Rotors, Pole
Pieces, Soft Magnets, Sensor Rings, Pulse Rings, Impellers, Shaft Couplers, Counterweights, Support Members, Brackets, and any complex, tight tolerance, powdered
metal or machined part.
Maintenance and
Tooling Manager
Dennis Abbeg
After 40 years in the powdered metal industry with a Multinational Leader in Powdered
Metals, Dennis joined the Coldwater Sintered Metal Products team in June of 2010.  He
brings a wealth of knowledge in the industry and specializes in maximizing production
on hydraulic presses and developing robust tool design.  He has a broad resource of
knowledge  in ferrous and non-ferrous base materials.  For the last 6 years with his
former employer he worked out of the Corporate Technical Resource Center so he can
resolve the most difficult part and process problems with the troubleshooting skills he
practiced around the world.  He has for many years been certified as a PMT 1 with APMI.  
Dennis has become a solid resourceful part of what makes CSMP a great company.