mating parts
Press parts together
Sinter/braze through
copper infiltration
Complete secondary
machine operation
Finished Part
Compact & sinter two multi-level
parts to tight tolerance.
Assemble parts together to
form finished assembly.
Compact handle with offset.    
Compact multi-level pin.
Multi-Part Powdered Metal Assemblies
Press pin into handle and sinter/braze
through copper infiltration to create
finished assembly.
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Types of parts we produce: Powdered Metal parts, Machined Parts, Gears (Bevel Gears, Planetary Gears, Helical Gears, Oil Pump Gears, Sector Gears, Spur
Gears, etc.), Gear Forms, Sprockets, Bearings, Bearing End Caps, Bearing Shields, Bushings, Rollers, Cams, Cam Followers, Racks, Pinions, Spacers, G-Rotors, Pole
Pieces, Soft Magnets, Sensor Rings, Pulse Rings, Impellers, Shaft Couplers, Counterweights, Support Members, Brackets, and any complex, tight tolerance, powdered
metal or machined part.